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Business agility and a faster time to market is critical in todays fast paced, customer centric world. Leveraging big data technologies and adopting cloud computing is a key part of your digital transformation. However, your application portfolio assessment will have uncovered a number of legacy, yet key to your business applications that are hindering your transformation.
Your business will need to consider the business case to re-develop these legacy business critical applications, but maybe your efforts to find a solution to date have uncovered nothing but huge expense and time consuming, long running projects.
At talentedCloud, we knew there had to be a better way to help businesses deliver their digital transformation vision. Our team of veteran IT professionals have created an innovative solution to extract the value from legacy applications and built a platform to reverse engineer the logic locked away inside. This uniquely places us with the ability to rapidly re-engineer your application, accurately reproducing the functionality exactly as it was in the legacy application.
We take the guess work out of understanding the functionality of your legacy application. This simplifies and accurately predicts the effort to re-develop, and using our innovative application framework; gives us the ability to do so cost effectively and fast.
We've simplified the process to make it as easy as possible to modernise a legacy application, with just 3 core products we can quickly help you put your digital transformation back on track.

Our Core Products

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tC Advisory

Rapid analysis of your legacy application, using the power of machine learning and our unique business rule extraction technology. Supported by an on-site expert to help you fully understand the business processes your legacy application underpins.

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tC Build

Innovative code generation driven from our analysis; coupled with our own application framework allows us to rebuild your legacy application at pace.

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tC Deliver

You take back control over your application, we deliver a comprehensive training package to you with everything you need to be confident you have a rebuilt application that you can maintain, support and enhance going forward.

talentedCloud works with a number of partners that compliment the services we deliver. These partners help deliver every aspect of a digital transformation, no matter what the scale.

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