tC Advisory

Freeing your business to innovate through the rapid modernisation of your legacy applications.

Let talentedCloud's Advisory Services help you understand your legacy application landscape and how you can move forward into a flexible, scalable and modernised alternative.

Our highly skilled application advisory experts are here to help you on your path to modernise your business critical applications and unlock the embedded knowledge held within them.
Understand your legacy application.

Our experts work within the framework laid out in our unique tC-AA platform. This platform uses AI and Machine Learning to extract critical business processes and knowledge buried within your legacy applications. Your Advisory Expert will work closely with you to help you understand and take action based on the findings to set you on your path to unlocking your business and the applications it depends upon.

Unlock the investment you have made in your legacy application.

Using the power of our platform, our experts unlock the mysteries of your legacy application by analysing the source code. Using visual representations, our experts can quickly identify gaps or issues (for example missing source code) and help close out those problems.

Automatically identify key business terminology locked away in your legacy application.

Our unique source code analysis platform uses AI to identify business terminology within your legacy application. This in turn helps drive out the business processes locked within the source code.

Instantly visualize all business processes delivered by your legacy application.

Automatically, our platform will identify the business processes locked away in your legacy application source code and create a visual representation using Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) to help quickly understand the functions your legacy application performs.

See the plan to modernise your legacy application in minutes.

Using the business processes and rules identified, our unique platform will automatically produce a development plan clearly defining the tasks and durations to modernise your application. We can take that information and accurately price the work to create your modernised application, or alternatively you can use that plan to do the development elsewhere or in-house, the choice is yours.

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