tC Build

Freeing your business to innovate through the rapid modernisation of your legacy applications.

Let talentedCloud's Build Services create your modernised application for you. The output from our Advisory engagement provides us with all of the information we need to accurately modernise your application, at a cost effective price at pace, without compromising quality.
We understand your business processes.

Automatically, our platform has identified the business processes locked away in your legacy application source code. Our development team will use this information to drive the development requirements for your modernised application. No lengthy requirements analysis required!

We have a clear plan to drive our development team.

Our unique platform has automatically produced a development plan clearly defining the tasks and durations to modernise your application. Beyond that, it has also created the work tasks and grouped them to optimize the development activity. Our algorithms calculated the effort for each task within each business process and has distributed that effort across our development team to create a unique sprint plan bespoke to you. This allows talentedCloud to accurately price and plan the creation of your modernised application.

This all makes us very productive and accurate...

...which makes us very cost effective.

Our development team know what they need to do, and we have our unique framework designed to "plug-in" your business processes.

Every modernised application we deliver is API driven, this means from day one you can integrate your application with other applications you may already have.

This means we can build your application at pace, and we keep you in the loop throughout the entire process with a weekly product review so that you can see the progress of the modernisation of your application.

When we have completed your application and you are happy, we deliver the entire solution to you fully documented for your team to take forward. If you would like us to spend some time training up your in-house team, we would be happy to. Take a look at our tC-Deliver product.

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