tC Deliver

Freeing your business to innovate through the rapid modernisation of your legacy applications.

At talentedCloud we understand how you feel about having an application that you have not been able to maintain for so long. We do not want you in that situation going forward. With tC Deliver, we provide all the training and documentation that you need to take back ownership of your application, delivered to you by our experts.

Our expert training team will deliver a bespoke training package to your team at a location that suits you.

You are left with access to every bit of information you require to take forward your new application, all documented and described in great detail. You are left in complete control so going forward you can be confident that you can enhance your application as your business needs.

If your don't feel comfortable with taking back ownership of the application code, please talk to us. We would be happy to continue to help you and make your business a success.

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